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Translucent 12mm d6 Blue/white Dice Block™ (36 dice)

Translucent 12mm d6 Blue/white Dice Block™ (36 dice)

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Discover Gaming Magic with Translucent 12mm d6 Blue/White Dice Block™ (36 Dice)!

Enhance Your Gaming Experience and Join The Guild House Community Today

Welcome to The Guild House, where gaming transcends mere entertainment and becomes a vibrant community-building experience. Introducing the Translucent 12mm d6 Blue/White Dice Block™ - a cornerstone in our mission to create engaging, educational, and inclusive gaming environments.

Features and Specifications:

  • Includes 36 translucent 12mm d6 dice in mesmerizing blue and white colors.
  • Precision-crafted for consistent rolls and durability, ensuring endless gaming sessions.
  • Versatile dice set suitable for a wide range of tabletop games, RPGs, and strategy sessions.


  • Immerse yourself in dynamic gaming sessions with quality dice that enhance gameplay.
  • Foster strong connections within The Guild House community through shared gaming experiences.
  • Elevate your strategic gameplay and decision-making with precise and reliable dice rolls.

Experience the competitive edge that our Translucent Dice Block™ provides, instilling excitement and strategy into every game. Built on The Guild House's foundation of community, diversity, and education, these dice signify more than tools for chance; they are gateways to camaraderie and shared victories.

Step into a world where gaming transcends boundaries and fosters friendships. Embrace the emotional appeal of belonging, strategic mastery, and shared passion as you elevate your gameplay to new heights. The Translucent Dice Block™ beckons you to not just play but to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.

Now is the time to embrace the ultimate gaming companion that embodies The Guild House's values. Join us in building a stronger gaming community while enhancing your own experience with the Translucent Dice Block™.

Make the leap, and elevate your gaming journey with The Guild House. Your next victory is just a roll away!

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