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PRIME Sleeves: Catan (56 x 82 mm)

PRIME Sleeves: Catan (56 x 82 mm)

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Immerse Yourself in Gaming Excellence with PRIME Sleeves: Catan

Enhancing Your Gaming Experience at The Guild House

Step into a world where vibrant gameplay meets community spirit with PRIME Sleeves: Catan (56 x 82 mm) by Asmodee. Embodying The Guild House's commitment to fostering a welcoming and educational gaming environment, these sleeves bring innovation and protection to your tabletop adventures.

Features and Specifications:

  • Perfectly sized for Catan cards at 56 x 82 mm
  • High-quality material ensures durability and longevity
  • Precision cut for seamless shuffling and card protection


Experience the joy of seamless gameplay with PRIME Sleeves: Catan. Elevate your gaming sessions and unlock new strategies with the enhanced durability and quick shuffling these sleeves offer. Join The Guild House's mission of community building through gaming as these sleeves become an essential part of your immersive gaming lifestyle.

Connecting Through Gaming:

At The Guild House, we believe in the power of games to connect individuals and build lasting relationships. By investing in PRIME Sleeves: Catan, you're not just protecting your cards; you're investing in unforgettable gaming experiences that bring people together. Let these sleeves be the bridge that unites you with fellow gamers, forging bonds that extend far beyond the tabletop.

Indulge in the joy of competitive gameplay, share strategic insights, and celebrate victories together—all made possible with PRIME Sleeves: Catan.

Unlock Your Gaming Potential:

PRIME Sleeves: Catan are not just accessories; they are your gateway to a world of exciting possibilities. As you sleeve your cards, envision the countless hours of engaging gameplay, the in-depth strategies waiting to be explored, and the friendships waiting to blossom.

Experience Excellence, Secure Your Gaming Future

Now is the time to transform your gaming sessions into unforgettable moments. Join The Guild House in its mission to enrich the gaming community through immersive experiences.

Discover the magic of PRIME Sleeves: Catan and elevate your tabletop adventures today.

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