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Opaque Ivory/black 16mm d6 Dice Block (12 dice)

Opaque Ivory/black 16mm d6 Dice Block (12 dice)

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Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Opaque Ivory/Black 16mm d6 Dice Block

Unleash Excitement at The Guild House

Immerse yourself in the world of tabletop gaming with the Opaque Ivory/Black 16mm d6 Dice Block by Chessex. Designed to cater to the needs of passionate gamers, these 12 dice bring a touch of elegance and strategy to your gaming sessions while embodying The Guild House's commitment to fostering a vibrant, educational, and community-focused gaming environment.

Features and Specifications

  • 12 high-quality 16mm d6 dice
  • Bold ivory and black color combination for a sleek look
  • Easy-to-read numbering for quick gameplay decisions


Experience the thrill of enhanced gameplay sessions with these versatile dice. The Opaque Ivory/Black 16mm d6 Dice Block not only elevates your gaming strategy but also deepens your connection to The Guild House community.

Discover your competitive edge with dice that bring an extra element of excitement to your gaming adventures. Whether you're exploring new worlds or engaging in friendly competition, these dice are your key to unlocking unforgettable gaming moments.

Join The Guild House Mission Through Gaming

By choosing the Opaque Ivory/Black 16mm d6 Dice Block, you're not just getting a set of dice – you're becoming part of a movement that celebrates community, diversity, and education through gaming. Embrace the joy of shared experiences and the thrill of friendly competition as you support The Guild House's vision of building strong bonds through the love of games.

Let these dice be a symbol of your commitment to fostering a welcoming gaming atmosphere and a space for everyone to come together, learn, and grow. It's more than just a game – it's a lifestyle that enriches your connection to others and to the gaming world.

Discover Your Gaming Potential Today

Take your gaming adventures to new heights with the Opaque Ivory/Black 16mm d6 Dice Block. Join The Guild House community in creating unforgettable moments and forging lasting connections through the power of tabletop gaming.

Why wait? Embrace the excitement, enhance your gaming sessions, and be a part of a community that values your passion for gaming. Purchase your set of dice now from The Guild House and let the gaming adventures begin!

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