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Opaque Black/white 12mm d6 Dice Block (36 dice)

Opaque Black/white 12mm d6 Dice Block (36 dice)

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Discover the Opaque Black/White 12mm d6 Dice Block by Chessex at The Guild House

Enhance Your Gaming Sessions with Community and Style

Welcome to The Guild House, where the passion for gaming meets a commitment to community and education. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of tabletop gaming with the Opaque Black/White 12mm d6 Dice Block – an essential tool for every gaming enthusiast.

Features and Specifications:

  • Precision-crafted 12mm d6 dice
  • Opaque black and white design for easy readability
  • 36 dice in a convenient block for organized gameplay
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use


Experience the thrill of gaming like never before with our Chessex dice block. Elevate your gaming sessions with these high-quality dice that enhance gameplay and strategy. Become a part of The Guild House's community-building mission by adding these dice to your collection.

Join The Guild House Community:

At The Guild House, we believe in the power of gaming to bring people together. Our Chessex dice block is not just a set of dice; it's a gateway to unforgettable gaming experiences and lasting friendships. Embrace diversity, creativity, and education through the universal language of gaming.

Step into a world where every roll of the dice creates moments of joy and excitement. Let our dice block be your companion in crafting epic tales, forming strategies, and bonding with fellow gamers. The Guild House is more than a store; it's a hub for all things gaming, where knowledge and fun collide.

Make your purchase today and start building memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the spirit of community, diversity, and education with The Guild House and our Opaque Black/White 12mm d6 Dice Block.

Are you ready to level up your gaming experience? Take the first step toward unforgettable adventures – purchase your Chessex dice block now!

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