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Infinite Black

Necronomicon Blood & Magick polyhedral

Necronomicon Blood & Magick polyhedral

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Necronomicon Blood & Magick Polyhedral - Embrace the Mystical Journey

Unleash the Power Within - The Ultimate Dice Set for your Gaming Adventures

Welcome to a realm where ancient mysteries and dark spells intertwine – introducing the Necronomicon Blood & Magick polyhedral dice set by Infinite Black. Step into a world where your fate is determined by the roll of the dice, and embark on epic quests filled with intrigue, danger, and magic. As a cornerstone of The Guild House’s commitment to fostering a vibrant gaming community, these dice embody not just a game but a portal to a universe where friendships are forged and legends are born.

Featuring an exquisite design inspired by arcane tomes and eldritch lore, each die is meticulously crafted to enhance your gaming experience and bring an element of mystery to your tabletop adventures. The unique color palette and intricate symbols evoke a sense of otherworldly power, setting the stage for truly unforgettable gaming sessions.

Features and Specifications

  • Set of 7 polyhedral dice: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4, and a percentile die
  • Premium quality materials for durability and precision rolling
  • Embossed with mystical symbols for an immersive gaming atmosphere
  • Perfect weight and balance for accurate throws


With the Necronomicon Blood & Magick polyhedral dice set, you aren't just rolling dice – you're awakening a world of possibilities. Enhance your gaming sessions with the following benefits:

  • Forge deeper connections with fellow gamers through shared adventures
  • Immerse yourself in a world of magic and mystery, enhancing the storytelling experience
  • Boost your strategic gameplay with dice that evoke the power of ancient rituals

Every roll of these dice is a chance to shape your destiny and create unforgettable moments that resonate with the core values of The Guild House – community, diversity, and education. Join us on a journey where gaming transcends mere entertainment and becomes a way of life.

Embrace the power of the Necronomicon Blood & Magick polyhedral dice set and unlock a realm of endless possibilities where your gaming dreams come to life. Harness the mystical energy imbued in these dice to elevate your gameplay experience and immerse yourself in a world where legends are waiting to be written.

Now is the time to embark on this enchanting journey and become part of The Guild House community like never before. Elevate your gaming experience, forge lasting connections, and embrace the magic that lies within the Necronomicon Blood & Magick polyhedral dice set.

Join us today and unleash the power of your imagination with every roll of the dice. Let the adventure begin!

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