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King of Tokyo: 2016 Edition

King of Tokyo: 2016 Edition

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Unlock the Thrills: Dive into King of Tokyo 2016 Edition

Embark on a Gaming Adventure with The Guild House

Your quest for the ultimate gaming experience ends here – with the King of Tokyo 2016 Edition. Embodying The Guild House's commitment to fostering a dynamic, educational, and inclusive gaming community, this iconic game is a must-have for enthusiasts like you. Let's explore why this edition stands out among the rest:

Features and Specifications:

  • Immerse yourself in thrilling gaming sessions with up to 6 players battling for Tokyo supremacy.
  • Experience enhanced gameplay with new monsters, evolutions, power-up cards, and more!
  • Strategize, compete, and dominate as you unleash your monster's unique abilities on the city.


By choosing King of Tokyo 2016 Edition, you're not just acquiring a game; you're joining a vibrant gaming community that thrives on connection and shared experiences. Elevate your gaming journey with:

  • Engaging gaming sessions that bring friends and family together.
  • An edge in gameplay and strategy that ensures every move counts towards victory.

This edition not only entertains but also aligns with The Guild House's mission of building a diverse and educational gaming environment.

Your gaming lifestyle isn't complete without the King of Tokyo 2016 Edition. It's your gateway to unforgettable moments, new friendships, and endless fun. Don't just play a game; forge lifelong connections and memories within The Guild House community.

Ready to elevate your gaming experience and be part of something bigger? It's time to make King of Tokyo 2016 Edition yours.

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