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Reaper Miniatures

Horace 'Action' Jackson

Horace 'Action' Jackson

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Discover the Epic Adventures with Horace 'Action' Jackson by Reaper Miniatures

Embrace the Thrill of Gaming and Community at The Guild House

Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds, and where every move shapes the destiny of heroes and villains alike. Horace 'Action' Jackson from Reaper Miniatures is not just a game piece; it's a portal to boundless adventures that await passionate gamers at The Guild House.

Features and Specifications:

  • Exquisitely crafted miniature figurine perfect for fantasy gaming
  • Intricate details that bring your gaming sessions to life
  • Versatile and dynamic poses for enhanced gameplay strategies


  • Forge unforgettable connections with fellow gamers in The Guild House community
  • Elevate your gaming experience with immersive storytelling and character development
  • Gain a competitive edge with precise gameplay facilitated by Horace 'Action' Jackson

Immerse yourself in the interactive world of gaming that The Guild House nurtures. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for strategic conquests and collaborative storytelling.

Horace 'Action' Jackson isn't just a piece on the board; he's an embodiment of the values we hold dear at The Guild House. Dive deep into a realm where diversity is celebrated, and education takes on a new, thrilling form.

Join us in building a community that thrives on shared experiences and mutual support, where every game night is a testament to the bonds we forge through our love of gaming.

It's time to take your gaming journey to the next level. Elevate your play, engage your mind, and immerse yourself in a world that welcomes you with open arms and a dice roll.

Are you ready to make Horace 'Action' Jackson a pivotal part of your gaming collection? Now is the time to seize the opportunity and embrace the adventures that await.

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